Anna Jones

Cameron Tackle Boxes Website

A local custom tackle box maker, Scott Cameron needed a place to send potential customers to see what he has available. Cameron's tackle boxes are custom made with high-quality wood and acute craftsmanship.



3-4 Months as a side project



My responsibilities: design and development
Creative Director: Naoya Wada



Completed for Never Without. A client has a hobby of making one-of-a-kind tackle boxes and needed a site to tell his story and display his work.


Process and Development

The initial process starts with wireframes built with Sketch. Cameron Tackle Boxes was built using a combination of Wordpress, HTML, and CSS. The sample of wireframes below guided the design and  final website. 


Final Website

The final website  includes 6 pages: Home, Tackle Boxes, Meet Scott, How to Order, In-Stock and Contact Form page. Cameron Tackle Boxes is a responsive site that is ready for any device.