Anna Jones

misTake Gallery

A gallery for mistakes to take on a new life.



A gallery for mistakes to take on a new life.

In today’s society, we embrace the perfections and reject the mistakes. These become something negative even though that’s how we learn. It’s time to give aberrations, misprints, and rejected ideas a new form and place in the world. Material objects don’t have to be thrown out. They can be repurposed and embraced as new. This exhibition takes mistakes and turns them into new art forms. Instead of throwing misprints out the window, this exhibition encourages visitors to take those mistakes and give them a new story.

The exhibition includes beautiful blunders and their new context, showing that they can take on a new life that is given to them by visitors.

Making mistakes is all about what you take away: a lesson learned, a new approach, or even just what not to do. 

Mistakes are the portal to discovery.
— James Joyce


As the curator, I managed a team of students to help throughout the process.
After presenting the premise to fellow students, I was voted on, and selected, to curate and bring to life my idea.  As the Curator, my tasks included:

  • Designing gallery space and layout
  • Researched types of media and material to ensure exhibited work doesn’t get damaged
  • Creating marketing and advertising materials
  • Managing the construction of the gallery
  • Organizing the atmosphere for opening night
  • Contacting, selecting, and collecting artist's work


After everything was set up, the gallery opened and people came to visit. To my delight people came, they stayed, they laughed, and they left with smiles on their faces. The show was exhibited for three weeks and the gallery changed from day to day as new people came in and interacted with the space.