Anna Jones
visual designer

Bionic Series

Tasked with using paper as a medium for a wearable item, my solution was a structural top using contrasting colors.


Paper as a Medium

Confined to using paper as my medium, I chose to use a thick hard-stock/construction paper material to create my top. Having worked with this type of paper previously for constructing  packaging design mock-ups, I knew this material very well and used its characteristics to achieve a structural, angular look.


I started sketching against ideas inspired by futuristic look, collars, and v-necks.

Pattern and Mockup

Having the sketches helped solidify an idea so I started working with the material to see how it would respond. From there, I used Adobe Illustrator to create a pattern that I could use to create the final piece.


Bionic as a Series

Because of the success I had with working with this material, I continued using it to create other bionic pieces.