Anna Jones

New Product Discovery

During my internship at Moment (NYC), we were tasked with discovering a new product to enhance the job searching experience.



1 month



Designers: Greg Ruben,  Anna Jones
Creative Director: Brendan Reynolds



Completed during my internship at Moment in NYC.

Discover an Audience.jpg

Discover an Audience

We met with the client in order to introduce ourselves and start our collaboration by discerning who their target audience would be.

4 Groups of Audiences that Emerged

Career Switcher

  • Not happy with current job
  • Know what they want but they’re not there yet
  • Actively looking for a career change
  • Keep up with industry trends
  • Everyone is a passive career switcher
  • Age: 42’Life events (ex: kids) as constant driver

Career Passionate

  • Meet other people
  • Expand network
  • Go to Meetup events
  • Not actively looking
  • Just to connect with people/to network
  • Age: 32
  • Opportunistic
  • Lots of engagement activities

Career Riser

  • Network is more important.
  • Learn/sharpen skills
  • Tech savy
  • Early adopter
  • Age: 28
  • Competitive, want to impress
  • Curious to meet other people
  • Social, extroverted

Hiring Manager

  • Hiring for my own team
  • Difficult to find what they’re looking for
  • Tech Savy
  • Age: 35
  • Would refer someone to you
  • In the same field as the people hiring
  • Work with HR department
  • Collaborative


Personas & Scenarios

Along with the personas, we developed multiple scenarios for each persona in order to help us create for the end user.


Now that we have discovered an audience, we shaped that information into personas that we could use throughout the process moving forward. Each persona had a set of task scenarios in order to help us get into the mind of the user.


Audrey Scenarios


Claire Scenarios


William Scenarios


George Scenarios


High Level Ideas

Using the scenarios and personas, we developed high level ideas to kickoff our workshop with our clients.
During the workshop we presented ideas and did a quick round of think-aloud, ideation. Of the rapid ideation, we pulled out themes and created categories in order to dig deeper: learning and developing, networking, and timely content. With these filters in mind, we then re-visited our high-level ideas and voted to see which were still resonating with each person.


Synthesizing Ideas

Using the list of ideas as a jumping off point, we (the team + client team) all openly and rapidly ideated to dig deeper and get more ideas on the table.

To synthesize the ideas, we categorized into themes that we saw constantly emerging:

  • Networking 
  • Timely Content
  • Learning and Personal Development

This synthesis helped with transitioning into the sketching phase.


Ideas that Came Out on Top

We synthesizes post-its into roughly 10 ideas to present to the client. These were then voted on based on high return user rate,  user engagement, and alignment with the client's brand. All ideas were voted on by the group and the three that came out on top were Corpstagram, Lunchtime, and Today at Work.


Share photos of your workplace and get an inside look at what happens in the offices of all your favorite companies.


Meet other professionals and learn about the culture of different workplaces - and oh yeah, lunch will be served.


Share the best and worst thing that happened to you today at work. Trends could be revealed over time, helping you to identify your strengths and weaknesses.



Since we narrowed our ideas down to three routes, each designer started sketching wireframes.
My concept to sketch on: Lunchtime


Sketches on Lunchtime Concept: Profile & Setting


Sketches on Lunchtime Concept: Finding Professionals


Sketches on Lunchtime Concept: Schedule a Lunch

After presenting our ideas...

The Today at Work concept came out on top because it was unique and didn't rely on previously determined interactions, had the potential and place for job posting placement (would integrate well with the client's already established job postings),  and it resonated well with professionals and potential job hunters.


High Fidelity

After narrowing from 3 to one concept, we developed high fidelity mock-ups for the Today at Work concept. This concept in centered around prompting users with work-related questions that they can choose answer anonymously. Users can also ask questions to their community at large.


User Feed

Answering a Question from the List

Answering a Question from a Prompt


Test Questions

Because Today at Work was based on prompts/questions for people to answer, we decided to test questions to see how users would respond. This would also help us gauge which type questions users were most engaged with.


Throughout the process...

we had been generating a lot of questions. We sat down, wrote them all out and categorized them into questions that we thought appropriate for testing. The criteria we were following was:

  • thought provoking, open ended What is something you'd like to do but haven't had a chance to?
  • reflective on the past and/or future How do you see the future of your industry?
  • approachable and easy to answer What's the most fun you've had in the office lately?

After consulting with our client, we decided the best course of action was a simple one: use SMS as a way to prompt users with questions and test for three weeks.



Not all Goes to Plan

Unfortunately, there was a perfect storm at the point in the point in this process: the client went bankrupt and my internship with Moment had concluded. Even though this was the case, I learned very valuable lessons:

  • How to collaboratively interact with clients and make them part of the process
  • Rapid brainstorming and not being open to new and different ideas
  • Sketching and wireframing
  • Organizing, synthesizing, and framing information in order to see new insights
  • Developing personas and user scenarios to test with throughout the process